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Default Re: Bargnani To Be Traded or Amnestied By July 1st

Originally Posted by Qwyjibo
No way do I see that deal ever going down. Batum is a good player and clearly better than Bargnani. He just struggled with a ton of injuries this year. Bargnani has negative value because of his contract and lack of production. Batum is nowhere near that level.

Actually I was agreeing with you.

The Batum trade was "an intelectual exercise" as I quoted.

There are lots of intelectual deals out there; what we get back is unlikely to be as good as a Raptor fan would hope.

To the specifics: Batum.

Possible but likely ? I would at best give it a 10% chance; it just depends on much pressure Aldridge is putting on to get big man help. Portland also has too many swingmen and really needs a big to round out the roster. Batum is a great player but his contract is onerous compared to what the team needs... Lilliard, Aldridge, help at the 4 or 5 to create space for Aldridge.

Swingmen (overpaid or underpaid) are always available. See Alan Anderson and his very reputable season.
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