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Default Re: Bargnani To Be Traded or Amnestied By July 1st

Originally Posted by el gringos
There are lots of good trade Bargnani ideas

Bargnani for Tyson chandler (even throw in kleiza)
Bargnani, kleiza, fields for Amare and James white
Raps- josh smith. Hawks Tyson chandler. Knicks Bargnani and kleiza
Raps get- Marion, Vince carter, k Marshall, pick 13, AMARE

Mavs get- Felton, qrich(non gauranteed), j white

Suns get- derozen, Tyson chandler

Knicks get- Bargnani, frye, s brown, kleiza, j Cunningham, fields, pick 30

None of those trades would fly NOR would they have any chance of unloading all of those contracts in one trade...
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