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Default Re: 2012-13 regular season!

Bill Oram: Asked Marvin Williams about player option at end of season, said, "I haven't even thought about that." Likes SLC a lot. Twitter @tribjazz

Bill Oram: Assuming he stays, Jazz will play Williams $7.5 million next year. He wouldn't get that much in free agency, would only make sense for him to opt out if he was truly uncomfortable/unhappy with the Jazz, which doesn't seem to be the case. Beyond that, any issues he has with team could be resolved with roster moves this offseason. 8 other guys are FAs. Lots of change coming. Twitter @tribjazz

Read more at http://*********.com/rumors.htm#vcZxtfDisFbBxhTX.99

He's played better since he was finally benched but he has to be traded. Only reason he'd opt out if there was a muli year deal waiting for him and after the year he's had he'll be lucky to be in the league in two years on a 1 year minimum deal.
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