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Default Re: 2012-13 regular season!

Originally Posted by Xiao Yao You
I'd be put off!

Howard is likely to be back in LA. How often do guys leave money on the table? Mavs were the team the Jazz outbid for Al and he would make sense ofensively next to Dirk but a Dirk/Al defensive frontline? Yikes! A Horford/Jefferson frontline could make some sense too.

McHale might want his old pupil Al? He's said he wants to be play inside/out and Asik might be good enough defensively to play next to Al? I'd rather have Millsap in any situation. But Robinson has been compared to Paul and he says he has been watching film of him and trying to pattern his game after him.
I'd be put off Bynum too, no way i'd give him the max and i'd be offering him 2 years at most after the knee surgieries.

Yea, Dirk/Al is pretty gross on D, but if they miss out on Dwight, they really don't have many choices. Doubt Chris Paul leaves the Clippers, so that'd leave them Josh Smith or Al to pick from I guess. I'm almost certain they'll spend it on whoever they can get, doubt that Dirk will be happy playing another year with Shawn Marion as the 2nd best player on the team.

I'd say Houston would go after Millsap over Jefferson just because they seem like one of the few teams who seem to have a set idea of what a max/near max guy is and if he doesn't fit that profile, then they are happy to let them pass. Asik covering for Jefferson is probably the best option that'd be available though. With Robinson I guess it comes down to how good the Rockets think they can be with him over how could they could be with Millsap/Jefferson and if the cost is worth it or not.
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