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Default Re: 2012-13 regular season!

I'd go for Pekovic too, but he's restricted so you'd have to offer the max to try and get Minny not to match. I've really got no idea what their front office is doing though, so they could let him go.

Rumors have had them going after Gasol all season with Pek expendable. That could change if Adelman doesn't come back I guess. They can't give Pek and Rubio and Love max deals.

Someone will pay Jefferson, there's usually a team that bombs out with their main targets and feels they have to sign anyone to fill in their empty cap space. Millsap should get $10 million + offers, but teams may only offer him 3 years, which could persuade him to stay in Utah with a longer term deal.

Some teams will want Millsap to come off the bench too so a starting spot could sway him too.
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