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Originally Posted by 97 bulls

1. is brian williams an improvement over longley wennington and parrish?
2. is it far fetched to say that the bulls would have been better if he was on that team for the whole season.

1. Not really. He was only 6'9, which isn't really an ideal size for a center in the NBA. Brian Williams wouldn't have been able to do anything, and he actually didn't, against guys like Mutombo and Zo, who they faced in the playoffs that year. I think he would be better suited as a backup PF to Rodman, cause he was always unreliable with his actions and any day it seemed like he would just blow up.

2. Its not far fetched, but its also not really based on much. In fact the last 9 games he was there, they went 6-3. I'm definitely not trying to say its cause of Williams, cause he wasn't an impact player, but I'm just saying, its not based on much.
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