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I'm a Laker fan, but I agree that you can make an argument for any of the teams mentioned. It's hard to compare different generations, there are just so many different variables. Rule changes, no free agency vs free agency, cap vs no cap, styles of play, size of players in the league.

My favorite teams were the 80's Lakers because they were so much fun to watch. They had so much talent, charisma, were unselfish, may have had the best teamwork of any team since, and had in my opinion had the best point guard in NBA history. I'm not saying they were the best team ever, they are just my personal favorite.

Let me list a couple of things you need to keep in mind when discussing this.

1. Defensive rules (perimeter). In the 80's you could play a perimeter player with your hand on the ball handler with your arm completely extended and elbow locked. Later it changed you could have your forearm on the player with bent elbow at 90 degrees. Today it has changed to you can't touch him. Huge difference in defending perimeter players and slashers.

2. Defensive rules (inside play) In the 80's you could beat the crap out of each other and unless someone broke a bone or drew blood there was pretty much not going to be a foul. Hard fouls were allowed. Today, minimal contact will draw fouls and hard fouls are now flagrant, thus teams can no longer make players "pay" for slashing to the hole.

3. the three point line. First it wasn't there, then it was, then it was moved farther away. The three point shot completely changed the game, so all those teams who played before the 3 point line usually don't get talked about because it is assumed they would not have 3 point shooters.

4. in 1980 there were 23 teams, today there are 30 teams.

5. Free agency, without it you can build a dynasty and it stays together, without it is really difficult to keep it together once built.

6. Salary cap, makes it more difficult to build and keep a team together.

7. somewhere in the 90's traveling was allowed or they have a new unwritten rule on what traveling is, boy that really frustrates the heck out of me. How many times have you seen a guy take two steps back to get behind the 3pt line without dribbling? A guy takes two steps, then a 2 footed jump? or takes that hop to shoot then pump fakes? All traveling back in the day, but not today.

8. somewhere in the 90's carrying the ball was allowed and got pretty bad. It's been cleaned up a little bit as of two seasons ago, but I'd like to see that consistently get called.

These are just some of the things that make it so difficult to compare teams.

I don't even care who is considered the "best team ever" I like to look at is as the Lakers were they dynasty of the 80's, Bulls of the 90's, and the Spurs of the 00's They each have their own place in history.

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