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Originally Posted by 97 bulls
dued, its like i said, i dont solely look at stats, williams def had talent but he played behind better players and to answer your question williams in my opinion had more talent but laimber had a better career. hell laimber would not start in front of shaq or mutombo either. im not saying that williams was great but the one season he got the chance to start he put up laimber like numbers.but you got to remember when he was in detroit he wasnt right mentally then he retired at 29. and then was killed by his brother.
remember, he played a big role in beating the sonics in that big upset in 94.

Who said anything about stats? And he never put up Laimbeer numbers. Laimbeer averaged a double-double for many years, and he did it for championship teams. Brian Williams' best statistical seasons, which is also when he was starting, happened on losing teams. And who cares about how much talent he had? I'm talking about what actually happened. Once again, your basing it on potential. Did he contribute to the 97 Bulls championship? Yea sure he did, but he wasnt one of their best players or close to it like you seem to imply. When talking about how great the Bulls dynasty was, Brian Williams should be one of the last guys anyone mentions.
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