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Default Re: NBA schedule: is it random?

Originally Posted by Solid Snake
Obviously not the Christmas Day Game. Oh, and for that matter, neither are the games played on Sundays post-January. BUT other than that...

Is it randomized? Or does a human being sit there and think through "hmmm who should play Monday night?" Or, "should I the Mavs and Suns play their first game against each other in Oct or in Feb?"

You see my point. Is the overall schedule thought out with a purpose, or is it just computer generated, other than the TV games.

it was explained to me once by a guy who worked for the clippers, the scedule is done by the NBA then sent to the teams, the teams and the arenas that they rent from look for conflicts and make requests for adjustments, then it's sent back to the nba where it's final dates are done.

then its sent to the TV networks and they adjust the times to fit their plans and then it's sent back to the nba where it is tweaked some more and then called final...

for some teams that have their own arena they share with nobody it's probably a fairly straight forward deal, but teams like the lakers who share staples with the clippers, kings hockey and the avengers arena football team, i can imagine there is quite a bit of jockeying going on, with plenty of head scatching...
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