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Default Re: So how about Dwyane Wade for the month?

Originally Posted by DaSeba5
I remember the old days when I used to argue for Wade being right there with LeBron and Kobe, and where they were all the top 3 players in the league. Wade has always seemed to be an under the radar guy, but it's probably because Miami used to be an indifferent team that nobody really talked about. Wade didn't have the hype of LeBron, or the credit of being on an elite franchise like the Lakers.

He didn't have the hype, so it was inconsistent. We saw him grow. Then Shaq showed up in Miami and overshadowed him. Then he was the MVP (over Nash) until he got hurt in 2007. Missed half of that season and the playoffs and missed half of the next year and didn't make the playoffs. In that time, James got to the Finals with that ridiculous run against the Pistons, Kobe was going Kobe, and people forgot about Wade.

When people were arguing in 2009 about who should be MVP, I couldn't hear the end of LeBron getting over 100 steals and almost 100 blocks, averaging over 1 of each a game for the season (1.7SPG and 1.1BPG). Wade played two fewer games and had over 150 steals and over 100 blocks, averaging 2.2SPG and 1.3BPG. He became the only guard other than Jordan (I think) to have over 150 steals and 100 blocks, averaging over 2 steals and over 1 block. So they were giving LeBron credit for doing something that Wade did better.

Yes, Wade is overlooked.
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