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Default Re: So how about Dwyane Wade for the month?

Originally Posted by jrong
Then we're arguing semantics. I contend that for at least the years 2005 - 2011 (excluding 2008), he has been in the LeBron/Kobe class; however, I rank both players above him. But, he is/was definitely in the same strata.

And don't undersell Wade's passing, by far his most underrated skill. He routinely makes passes that, were they made by LeBron, would cause commentators to have verbal orgasms.

But, if you really want to put things in perspective, look at every great moment early in Wade's career and imagine what media reaction would have been if it had been LeBron doing the same.

LEBRON JAMES hits the gamewinner in his first ever playoff game as a rookie!

LEBRON JAMES hits his second gamewinner in his fifth playoff game as a rookie!

LEBRON JAMES as a rookie leads the Heat to the brink of Game 7 in the 2nd round against the NBA's #1 seed!

LEBRON JAMES in his second year, playing alongside a barely mobile Shaquille O'Neal, led the Heat to a commanding position in the conference finals against the defending champs, and only his freak injury caused the Heat to lose in seven games!

LEBRON JAMES in his third year, shoots 62% against the Pistons in a rematch of last year's conference finals and this time leads the Heat to the Finals!

LEBRON JAMES drags his team to the title in a historic Finals performance in just his third year!

Do you get it now?

there's a lot of truth to this.

If Lebron in his 3rd year in the League would have dominated the finals like Wade did we WOULD NEVER HEAR THE END OF IT
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