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Default The #1 and #2 back to back seasons from Same HS Team

Has any HS ever sent out back to back top 2 NBA picks ? Must say Im from NJ and seen Irving and MKG play in HS and Although I knew they could be great never figured BOTH would go that High in draft . Saddest Part is the HS St. Patricks is now CLosing I believe for lack of $ to keep doors open. BTW the Same HS that produced Al Harrington, Sam Dalembert, Shaheen Holloway(one of Best HS PGS ever) ect. There was a 3rd Stud Player(not as Highly Rated but Very good Player) on St Pats with Irving and MKG named Gorden(forgot 1st name) who is at West Kentucky look for Him to work himself into NBA in the Future.
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