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Default Re: New-look Pistons still a perplexing bunch

Ah, I understand. Outside of Hood I don't think any of those other guys would be considered at #8 though (at least right now). The top 6 picks of the draft are going to be very good. In no particular order this is who I see being there right now:

Jabari Parker
Joel Embiid
Andrew Wiggins
Marcus Smart
Dante Exum
Julius Randle

I think pretty much everybody agrees on the top 6 players. Now after that there's a few that deserve to be in the conversation. Hood is one. Gary Harris is another. I'm not sure about Grant out of Syracuse. Just because SF is a need, I'm not sold on the ones in this draft outside of Wiggins or Parker. There's still too much college bball left to know though. Really being in the top 6 is the place to be though. Those guys are the ones that could all end up being all-stars or at the least being very good starters.
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