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Default Re: Do people really believe KD is only a good scorer because of his free throws?

Originally Posted by DMAVS41
It's not really about shots at the rim. Melo takes 22 shots a game. Based on your numbers...that would mean 6 shots at the rim. With something like 4.5 for Durant I'm assuming.

5.7 at the rim for Melo, 4.0 for Durant.

Okay...great. Let's say Melo has a better chance to get fouled on those 6 attempts. But what about the other 16 attempts? So Melo is gaining 1.5 chances there, but losing 2 on threes. And losing another 1.5 on shots between 16-23 feet. So if we break it down like you want to. You are already at 2 shots that should be deducted off Melo's total as he shoots 1.5 more shots at the rim, but shoots 3.5 more shots from 16 feet and beyond.[/quote]

Again, you're not much more likely to get fouled shooting a mid-range than you are shooting a 3.

That is why fga is useless. You keep telling me to watch the games. Well, I watch them and I see Kobe and Melo settling for bad shots far more often than Durant. Factually they shoot more long shots as well...even after accounting for shots at the rim. They are still taking roughly 2 more shots per game from long range.

FTA without FGA are useless. Yes, Melo is taking more shots from long range, but he's also taking roughly 2 more shots at the rim.

So what do you think is more likely. That Melo and Kobe take more long shots and settle for, on average, more bad shots per game....and Durant is better at drawing fouls...or;

The league has a conspiracy against the likes of Kobe, Melo, and Lebron

How can you not see the difference in listing fga and then bitching about ft rate without thinking first.

I thought everything through, you're the one who clearly didn't and is ignoring the best evidence while desperately trying to angle and save face. Sorry, but I'm not fooled by it.

As far as Melo, I don't think he's a favorite player of the league, or around the league ever since some of his off the court issues in his first 2 seasons, the brawl in '06 or the trade demand. Plus, he's much stronger physically which doesn't help.

I think lebron has also reached the point where he's so dominant that he gets penalized for it compared to Durant, especially since we've never seen a perimeter player like him physically.

On the evidence'd have to cut 2 shots a piece off of Kobe and Melo to do an apples to apple comparison and shot attempts...and that doesn't even speak to the total difference in shots where a foul is more or less likely.

Fouls are most likely at the rim, so again, you're dodging the best points as fast as you can.
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