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Default Re: Do people really believe KD is only a good scorer because of his free throws?

Originally Posted by DMAVS41
Everything you are saying is biased. Shooting more shots at the rim does not mean you should get to the ft line more.

The game was called much differently back then. So I can't really answer the thing about Shaq.

What I do know, is that Durant deserves to go to the line as often as he does in comparison to Kobe and Melo.

You seem to be stuck in your thinking.

What are shots at the rim total for Durant and Kobe?

How exactly is their any bias on my part? And you wanted to break down their FGA. You attempted to do so by giving them equal 3s, I did one better by showing their shots at the rim. I'll grant you that you're more likely to get fouled on 2s than 3s in general, but I don't know how you can argue that you're more likely to get fouled at the rim than you are in mid-range.

I'm stuck in my thinking? You in itially posted stats without ANY context to try to make a point, I've consistently made vastly superior arguments and yet you won't budge.

If you think Melo gets the same treatment Durant does then you don't watch Knick games, or you're the one whose biased. Melo was consistently going inside yesterday for example, and going in strong, yet other than the 2 intentional fouls late, he didn't have a free throw.
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