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Default Re: chris palmer ‏1. MJ 2. Kobe. 3. Kareem 4. Magic 5. Bron

Originally Posted by DJ Leon Smith
Explain how this team will run the Dream Team off the court when their "fast break" will start by taking the ball out of the net.
Sure, the fast break will come into play a lot. The Dream Team just doesn't have the defense to hold a team like this back.

1. Jordan is probably the only player with the foot speed to stay in front of Lebron unless you want to go with Pippen. Neither have the strength to avoid him from bullying past them or posting them up. You double and good luck buddy. Every player on the new team can hit a FIBA three, except maybe Rondo and Dwight. Lebron doesn't have to be the PG, but why not? He's just as quick as any PG they have on the Dream Team and plays better defense.
He can penetrate and draw doubles, and if there is no double. It's over. Going on to say, a lot of these guys could play the PG position just based off their ball handling and ability to penetrate, score, pass.

The new guys being more athletic, better ball handlers, better defenders, bigger, stronger and pretty much all in their primes doesn't hurt either. Durant = better version of Bird
Kobe = better version of Clyde for sure, arguably best scorer
Lebron = best all around defender out of all of the players
Dwight = best rebounder out of all, best rim protector

Not even worth going on...
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