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Default Re: Andrea Bargnani facing sink-or-swim season with Raptors

Originally Posted by bokes15
You're right. The sad part is, if he leaves who's our biggest offensive threat? Numbers wise it's Demar and we know he's shaky at best. And would be even worse if we truly counted on him as our #1 option. So realistically, if Bargs puts up anything close to his numbers of recent years (19/6/1) he's likely not going anywhere.

For all intents and purposes this team is built around him, whether we like it or not. He's the centerpiece. They added a defense first, back to the basket oldschool style 7 footer to play in the paint, do the dirty work, and grab rebounds. They added solid perimeter defenders in Lowry and Fields and made it so all he really has to do is score and be in the correct position defensively. BC actually built the team to pretty much mask his weaknesses and put him in a position to do what he loves to do without it being considered a failure.

All on point. Wouldn't make sense at all for BC to trade bargnani when he essentially chose him over bosh.
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