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Default Re: One on One: Jordan vs. LeBron

Originally Posted by Psileas
I guess you took these numbers from the "head2head" section of basketball-reference. Note, however, that in these 11 games, they include a game where Magic only played for 10 minutes (an injury kept him out for 5 games) and the 1996 game, when Magic was past his prime.

Even if we exclude only the 1st game, his numbers go up, from 20.1/5.7/10.8 to 21.4/6.1/11.5.
yes i did. wanted to see if magic did indeed hand it to mj, statiscially speaking.

i believe those numbers are still below his career averages. you make a good point though. anyway, my point wasn't to run down magic, greatest pg ever, just to indicate that jordan's defense on magic was by no means sub-standard. i think the evidence supports that. not as well as watching mike defend did, but well enough.
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