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Default Re: One on One: Jordan vs. LeBron

Originally Posted by Bahamian Balla
Where was Jordan great defense one on one versus magic in the 91 finals. I remember Pippen had to guard a crying and abused Jordan. Magic and Kareem the two best individuals players playing on the same team. Best duo also.
watch games instead of listening to rumors. jordan guarded magic the majority of the time. and beat him in 5 games. he also won their career series matchup 6 to 5 and held magic below his averages for the years they met in the regular season (including all of magic's mvp years). in fact if you'd been watching ball in the 80s you might have heard jordan referred to as one of the top magic johnson defenders of the day.

if you're wondering jordan's averages are all higher. in fact he had 2 more rebounds than magic, 12 more points, 1.5 more steals, and 1 more block per game. magic did have 4 more assists. than a shooting guard. who won more games despite not having kareem on his team. of course magic didn't guard jordan because magic didn't guard any good offensive players if riley could find a way to hide him.

nice try though. give it five or six years and you'll be able to say made up crap like that and there won't be anyone old enough to actually remember the games to correct you.
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