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Default Re: Sneaker collection thread.

I've dropped a few pairs but still have an okay collection. Kind of dropped out of the shoe game though, I don't think I have bought a pair of shoes in like 6 months.

2 pairs of AJ5's. 1 pair of retro, 1 org
pair of xi's. white/columbia blue
red/blue Spizikes
Pair of xvi's
Pair of xii's
pair of pumps black/blue
few pairs of dunks

That is a very vague list. I have a handful of Nike basketball shoes and a few pair of LeBron's. Honestly I wouldn't mind getting rid of almost all of those shoes, except for the XI's, and just grab a couple pairs that I bring out on special situations. Like the Spizikes, I only wear with KU stuff, and usually after a big win.

But OP, that is a pretty damn good collection.
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