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Default Re: Nick Young: "Kobe is better than MJ"

Originally Posted by NBAGOAT
Mj and kobe will always get a bunch of comparisons because of playstyle. Find a bunch of quotes of people saying Kobe is better than Kareem or even bird. Doubt they’re out there

That's the thing with Kobe. He was a PHENOMENAL PLAYER! Legit was the VERY RARE PLAYER you could compare to MJ stylistically. But the thing is the guys like MJ, Bird, and Kareem FLAT OUT redefined their positions. Kobe as great he was never redefined his position. Bird was like 6'10 and arguably the greatest shooting AND passing SF who ever lived. And rebounding wise, he's among the top SF's ever as well. That had never been seen before. Not even close. And there FOR DAMN SURE was never a player at 7'2 like Kareem before him.

Kobe's FG% also was never great as well. At best it was good. But he was never ultra efficient. So when u compare the icons to each other, little things like that can make the difference. MJ, Bird, and Kareem SIMPLY had a better blend of team play AND being able to dominate game scoring at the same time. Kobe was the total package as a player for DAMN SURE! But the way he employed it was just different.
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