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Default Re: Woke up to a call from the Sheriff

Originally Posted by monkeypox
Similar thing happened to me. 3am a sherriff shows up at the door and asks for me. I say "thats me" and he asks for my ID. Looks at it, looks at me, looks at it again. Says there was just an incident a couple of cities away and the criminal gave him an exact copy of my ID. Said his story didn't sound right so they sent a cop over to the home address just to check. Asked if I ever lent the ID to anyone or lost one. This was when I was young and it was still the first drivers license I've ever had so no. So he just says "thanks" and turns around to leave. and I'm like "uh... so what's going to happen, did my identity get stolen?" He was like "eh if you need to know anything we'll give you a call" and he kept walking. Lol. Still worries me to this day.

Better check your credit and taxes to make sure it's all correct.
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