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Default Re: Chris Paul is starting to test my patience

Originally Posted by Clippersfan86
You clearly haven't been following CP3 this year. Stop being a dickhead.

Ive watched every single game. Just like i watched all of his games as a hornet. He's been this way the last 5 years. Get everyone else involved 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Step up if needed. Of course there are gonna be times when it doesnt work out.

Your teams pretty muched got a revamped 2nd 5 and youre crying how many games into the season?

You moan about players (generally paul) through every single game thread, then disappear when he turns it around in the 4th, which happens far more often than it doesnt.

Just remember where the clippers would be without him. They wouldnt even be in sight of playoffs. You can have Gorden back, Davis and Aminu and you wouldnt win 35 games.

But i think what your really after is someone to have cool stats.
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