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Default Re: Wish people didn't make this all about the QBs

Originally Posted by -p.tiddy-
I gave Kap and Flacco credit in the very first sentence of my OP...but anyone who watched these teams this year understands that what set them apart for the others is that they both have the most physical "TEAMS" in the NFL...they both play hard core in your face football...that is what sets them apart...NOT THE QBS...the QBs were great but there are plenty in the league who are better.

Like I said, BAL is pound for pound the biggest team in the NFL...they are monsters...all of them...

and they are both extremely well coached teams...SF doesn't make to the SB with Garrett calling plays...

but nevermind all those guys, let's just talk about how elite Flacco is now that he has a ring because we are a bunch of simple minded media sheep who can only see a man throwing a ball and that's it...smh

Tim, I have been watching this game a long time, and it is crazy to me that fans put all the focus on the QB...

Just a couple things and then I'm out.

You said there are many better, but during the playoffs there wasn't. In fact there aren't many who were as good as Flacco was this post-season historically. There are many more accomplished but I don't think either team would have switched their QB's this playoff run save for maybe one or two other guys.

It's not the media's fault, they are doing what they know will pull in viewers in the general public. It's those tuning in who are the problem because the media will continue to drive these simplistic points as long as those eat them up.

Again the QB is the focal point, if you ask a non-football fan to name players I bet that 90% of the players they can name will be QB's.

A football team is a huge organization. I really think last night's most valuable person was Jim Caldwell. Football fans understand this. But the casual fans will not recognize it.

Flacco deserves the hype, Kaepernick deserves the hype, so do the rest of their teams but that's not how the national media will play it out.
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