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Default Re: Dirk has played alongside 6 all stars, Lebron has had 11, Duncan 13, Kobe 15

Originally Posted by ImKobe
how many more years have Duncan and Kobe played....and you can't consider Malone, Payton and Nash all-stars when they went to LA, those guys were washed....and who cares about NVE and Eddie Jones when Kobe was just coming to the league at 17 yrs old and the Lakers pretty much had no title hopes

Kobe's title teams all only had one other all-star on the team besides him, Lebron's title teams had two, Duncan either had one (D-Rob) or he had Manu and Parker, and a bunch of great role players who carried him in 2014...

I love how these kobe tards say stupid bullshit like "great role players who carried him" when it comes to Duncan...he averaged 15/10 while being one of the better defensive players on the Spurs against the Heat...but he was carried. You kobe stans are just ****ing pathetic. He was the 2nd leading scorer in that playoff run while leading the team in per...but the role players carried him...****ing kobe mutts

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