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Default Re: Jorge Garbajosa update: Season probably over

Originally Posted by DoubleTech
postive note: he won't have to play for Spain this summer... so at the beginning of next season he'll be completely rested, unlike this year where you could start the see the effects of playing a full euroleague season + playoffs +the world championships + the full preseason...

negative note: The European championship (which is being held in Madrid this year) starts in September, just about the time he should be healed. The Spanish media is already talking about having him just in time for the tournament and the spanish coach already said that he thinks he will be able to play. This sucks for Garbajosa and Raptors fans because Garbo is going to be pressured by the spanish media (who are mostly clueless) to play or he is going to get sh!tted on by ignorant soccer journalists who only ever talk about basketball when a Spanish team or player does something big.

IMO he shouldn't play, take the summer off, comeback stronger in your sophmore season and help Spain the next summer in the Olympics which are a much bigger deal.
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