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Default Re: Why does Bill Russell hate ESPN?

Originally Posted by MetsPackers

Then @ your follow up post

Unbiased basketball fans know Lebron is going to clearly pass Kobe barring injury. The whole "b-b-b-but he went to a great team" argument is for clowns who don't realize every player in the top 10 had great teams around them. And fools who just hate Lebron because their insecure about Kobe's legacy. I'm not going to argue Kobe vs Lebron because god knows nobody wants to hear it, but the fact that you're 16 years old is really showing right now. Like I said anyone who is objective about basketball and doesn't consider their opinion to be fact can see Lebron is on his way to being top 5. Kobe is 7 at absolute best. U mad?
Lebron's never going to pass Kobe's ring count though.
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