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Default Re: Lebron's better than Kobe?

Originally Posted by masonx20
How many more times are you gonna say crap to make your boy Lebron look good? You think saying shit about Ray Allen's gonna help your case? Just because Ray is aging doesn't mean he's losing his clutchness and shooting ability which made him an all star. Look at Duncan...I guarantee you will agree he's still a player with all star caliber. So do the same for your boy Lebron's teammate Ray, who saved your boy's azz in game 6. Isn't that the reason Lebron begged him to join the Heat? Only a stupid azz would say Ray only gets hots once in a while. Seems like everytime when the paint is clogged Spoelstra always bring in Ray to and he does a pretty good job making the other teams pay, so I don't where you got your facts from please go back and watch all those games the Heat and Ray played. I guess Lebron took his talent to South Beach cuz he felt sorry for Wade and Bosh, especially Wade who's never won a ring before...right? Give credit to where credit is due dude, and screw the argument that Wade's been injured that's why he wasn't performing that least give credit to the defense of the Pacers and Spurs. But I guess Lebron doesn't need these guys so he should go back to his old team and call up all his old Cavs teammates since Bosh, Wade, and Allen are of the same caliber and clutchness as Mo Williams, Varejao, and Anthony Parker.

Holy wall of retarded text.

According to your logic, Lebron player with superstars in Ray, Bosh, and Wade, right? The Spurs had superstars in Timmy, TP, Ginobili, and T-Mac as well.

The Heat with a healthy Wade would've beat the Spurs in 5.

BTW, superstars Bosh and Allen scored 0 points in games 7.
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