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Default Re: Lebron's better than Kobe?

I love it how Allen, Wade, and Bosh are just regular people cuz of this 1 or that 1 game while Lebron gets the ball all day to stat pad and at the end is the hero regardless. Whether if I'm a new member of this board or not why would it matter to you? Fact is these guys are allstar caliber players and when one players doesn't show up this night the other one does. But just because Bosh or Wade doesn't show up certain night doesn't just make them regular players. These are all stars that Lebron chose to play with and if not then he would just stay in Cleveland.

Originally Posted by aj1987
The Spurs lost the series because of Pop. He over coached.
Even with a scrub Bosh and scrub Allen, Miami would've won in 5, they just had a healthy Wade. If Lebron's shot was going in as well, it would've been a sweep.

Whose alt are you, BTW? Member since 2011 and you just start posting? Doesn't add up.
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