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Default Re: Lebron's better than Kobe?

Originally Posted by masonx20
Lebron stans, it is obvious you're only cheering for your so-called best player in the world when he's winning. Before that you were clearly Lakers and Celtics bandwagons but as of today you claim Lebron is better than Kobe and the best player in the world although he plays with 3 superstars in Wade, Bosh, and Allen.

Stopped reading after this gem.

First it was only Wade(ok, I give you that one) and Chris 0 points in game 7 of the Finals Bosh who were superstars and now 37 years old Allen is also a Superstar?

Whats next, people will be saying Lebron is playing under GOAT coach Spoelstra and with one of the greatest PG's of this generation in the image of Mario Chalmers

I would really like to hear your definition of a word Superstar? Cuz you know, just a name of a player who was playing like a superstar 2-3 or even 6-7 years ago doesn't cut it.

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