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Default Re: How Kevin Durant Can Win MVP

Originally Posted by SamuraiSWISH
Improve his defense, make up for the loss of Harden, improve as a play maker. Score more buckets, and less on soft ass free-throws. Don't get shook when people body up on you physically, taking him out of his game. And then, he's going to be true MVP caliber. That player could lead his team over the Heat. Also pray Westbrook returns the same physically from his injury.
A lot of those things you listed have almost zero effect on an MVP candidacy. You think voters are watching every game and seeing if and how he gets his FT's and knocking him for that? No, at the end of the season they see he averaged 28 PPG on whatever efficiency. He's been a true MVP caliber player the last two years, he's just had the misfortune of that coming at the same time as LeBron being at his peak.
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