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Default How Kevin Durant Can Win MVP

I'm not talking about titles here. I know that in order for him to win titles he should continue playing the unselfish brand of ball that he is known for. However, in order to win MVP it's obvious that he needs to shoot the ball more. Maybe he doesn't care about MVPs, but all of the truly great players have at least one MVP on their belt. According to BBall Reference this past season he averaged 17.7 field goal attempts per game and only 19 for his career. LeBron, who everyone considers a very unselfish player, averages more field goal attempts per game over his career than Durant does (Lebron has a career average of 20 fga per game). Durant will never have the overall game that LeBron has, so in order to elevate himself in the eyes of voters, he needs to forget about his efficiency and let the ball fly. He needs to average 32-35 points per game in order to get the award. Without Kevin Martin or James Harden on the roster, what reason is there for him not to take the extra shots? If he doesn't, Westbrook will. Durant has no chance to win MVP over LeBron while he averages 28 points per game. This is all just my opinion of course. Please feel free to chime in with your own opinions of how Durant can snatch the award away from James.
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