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Default Re: Donatas Montiejunas - if he starts at PF do Rockets win the championship?

Originally Posted by VIP2000
From what I saw last season, his defense was pretty bad. But he has a nice touch and should complement Dwight Howard really well.
He has some weaknesses like defensive awareness especially his off the ball defense and his low block defense. He also cant rebound to save his life and mostly his lack boxing out.

Last season on offense he showed gradual signs of improvement especially off the pick and pop and most imprortantly some handy footwork in the low block. He has somewhat good hands which is vital as Harden is very good at drive and dish to the bigs .

Overrall, he can be a good stretch 4 but he needs to improve his low post and pick and roll defense because the 4's in the NBA are all pretty agile and are good pick and roll players. He also needs to do a much better job boxing out and cleaning up the defensive glass.
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