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Default Re: Rewards of the tank:2014 off-season!

"Even if you draft a kid, heís going to be 19 years old," Jefferson said. "Heís not going to have an over-the-top impact at 19. It takes two or three years."
The Jazzís development is "a difficult process that you go through at times," Jefferson said. "But even great franchises, lots of franchises, go through this. But guys got better, guys worked extremely hard, and good things will come from them in the future."

Asked how far away the Jazz are, Jefferson said, "I donít know. I donít know. It takes time. Youíll find out next year."
Whatever progress the Jazz make, Jefferson said, mostly will come from "the guys within this locker room."
ó Kurt Kragthorpe

If the top guys are as good as advertised they should make a huge impact immediately.
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