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Default Re: Job Hunting Tips?

Originally Posted by B-Low
Right. It's honest to god the most frustrating catch 22 in the world. Fresh out of college I looked for jobs in my field and everybody wanted 5-10 years experience, but obviously you cant start with 5 years of experience and I can't do 3-4 years of entry level work with these damn student loans

I feel for you. It's rough. Just get your foot in the door somewhere and the pieces fall where they belong eventually.
That's why you go for internships while you're still in school. In general Internships should be easier to find than actual full time jobs, and their expectations aren't unreasonable.

Anyways thanks man. Just got 2 interviews. Both were internships. One of them had a phone interview first, then followed by a in person interview. They liked me, and I thought the interviews went pretty well. I just sent out a thank you letter, hard copy and email version.

So how long until you follow up after an interview?

Thanks again, B-Low.
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