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Default Re: Job Hunting Tips?

If possible apply in person, well dressed with positive attitude and with cover letter.

the cover letter should be personalized for that specific job, meaning not some generic shit you could send to any employer.

if you need to have experience, look up places for internships, volunteer or freelance work

another idea is getting in touch with a temp agency, but look into a good reliable one. If you can find an agency that specializes in your field, try to set up an interview with them.

floss your teeth and trim yo' nose hairs before interviews. Also don't wear some baggy as clothes in your interview, looking like you been watching that BET/MTV ig'nor'ant shit B. Get fitted and dress slim yo,' HR hoes don't want no ghetto looking muh****a applying at they place son.
Sum of it, white socks aint a good look B.

don't give up hope, the job will come if you work hard for it.

source: been there, done that.
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