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So update:

Various speculation boards around the 'internet thingy' are updated with March Madness approaching.

Most Boards still see the Raptors first pick (by way of Denver) matched up against 7'0 Centre UNLV Steve Zimmerman.

Now I like (the little) I have seen of Zimmerman (utube and clips). Even with Jonus and Bebe I think that Zimmerman would be a solid pick.

I simply doubt he will be around as pre-draft predictions generally seem to under value the fact that big men climb up the ranking at actual draft time.

Our excellent record has us falling down the order into the late 20's with our own pick in the first round.

Guy that intrigues me is Dwayne Bacon SG from Florida State (I think or maybe Miami) I have not seen him play I admit. Explosive 2 from the consensus predictions. Frankly a pick to light a little fire under Tross arse as well....

Furthermore - doesn't a guy named Dwayne Bacon seem a natural fit for Canada's team ???
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