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Originally Posted by Chamberlain
DeRozan would almost certainly have to be involved, and I'm not sure how OKC would feel about pairing him with Westbrook.

Assuming he would actually consider Toronto ...which is a big big if...

1) wants to win
2) wants to win a championship
3) wants to win more than 1 championship
4) wants to be surrounded by quality players so the burden is not on one set of shoulders.

I think the only way it gets done is by sign and trade. Get the max in Oklahoma and then trade the pieces to fit. Further there is no way Toronto would be a consideration for a talent that large if Derozan / Klow / Val were not a part of the roster after he arrived.

So a sign and trade (if even possible) probably needs drafts (2), future drafts (insert x), promising talent like Bruno, and perhaps established money on the court to "bridge the salary dollars".
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