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Default Re: How do you stop this VERY FAT and TALL guy DOMINATING in streetball?

Originally Posted by Straight_Ballin
Its 3v3. One man is inbounding, so he's being pressured so that a good lob pass might not be made. One man is fronting the big guy. The last guy is on the wing. Wing defender can't leave to protect the lob.
Yep true enough. In that case, it's just a tough spot. Sometimes there's adjustments to be made and sometimes there's not.

I personally struggled against a 6'8'' fellow in 3 on 3 over the weekend. I'm 6'3'' so it wasn't absolutely ridiculous, but he was surely big enough to pound his way to the front of the rim as he pleased, just as you were describing. The good news is that he was in fact giving up a bit in other aspects of the game. I mean, he was clearly a ball player, but he didn't finish as well as he should have and every bucket he scored was nullified as he was blown by on the perimeter when he tried to play defense.

I guess sometimes the best thing we can do is try to make it a little bit tougher, even if it's not a matter of whether we can truly stop a person like that. Provide resistance, contest all shots, clear the glass and convert when given the opportunity.
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