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Default Re: Jordan brand should sponsor NBA (instead of adidas)

Originally Posted by idizzle
@Burgz V2, I meant to say that the NBA signed a multi-year deal back in 2011 that will let Under Armour show its endorsers in NBA uniforms when they promote Under Armour footwear and refurbish courts around the world. I actaully wouldn't mind seeing Under Armour make uniforms for the NBA. They have some good basketball shoes. Every body is always riding on Nike and Jordan Brands jock. I wear Nikes and Jordan Brand but I think its time for some new flavor.

yea their shoes are pretty cool, pretty light. Not sure how durable they are though so I've stuck to what I know, on the same pair of Kobe 6s for like a year and a half. Before that wore Adidas mostly because of the fit.

the college jerseys are nice too. Auburn has them, pretty simple

these Maryland ones are legit too

by 2017 they may be a major player to get a sponsorship but you never know, these Chinese brands are rising fast, and a China sponsor would make the NBA a BOAT load of cash.
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