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Default Re: Jordan brand should sponsor NBA (instead of adidas)

Originally Posted by 9512
Subject pretty much says it all.

I know years ago Jordan lamented at Bulls owner Reinsdorf about how underpaid he was for what he providing for the Bulls, the NBA, and the game of basketball overall to the world.

I figure what better way for Jordan for getting something back by allowing his brand to be the NBA's sponsor.

It sure beats the overly prominent 3 stripes I find annoying. Adidas is too euro and too soccer.

Nothing is more American basketball than Jordan brand.

While they are at it, let Derrick Rose be part of Jordan brand team and let him have his own shoe.

Did others make more money off of Jordan than Jordan himself? Probably.

But this thing that the NBA took advantage of him and he was underpaid is some bullshit. The NBA and Chicago covered up a lot of silly mess Jordan did, and on top of that he got paid 25 million dollars for ONE SEASON OF BASKETBALL. He sacrificed salary so the Bulls could surround him with talent.

MJ was not a saint, he was an asshole who sold overpriced shoes to kids that did whatever they could to be like their idol....and what did HE do?

Invest in prisons.

What an Uncle Tom ass negro.n (sorry but that's how I feel).

Jordan is only good for retros and even they are getting old with every tom, dick, and harry thinking they are fresh and swaggerific for spending 160 on some shoes.

Adidas is the "new" shit....get with the times man.
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