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Default Re: Jamal Murray hits blindfolded, behind the goal, from the corner 3

Originally Posted by GOBB
Doesn't have the measurables or athleticism people like. But I'm a fan of a guy who can play off the ball and shoot.

True, and I agree with you.

Murray was magnificent as a spot-up shooter for Kentucky, but was particularly impressive coming off screens, as no player in college basketball even came close to delivering the accuracy he did (42/75, 56%) running off picks this season.

Best shooter in the history of college basketball off screens? That translates to the NBA.

Also saw the Sixers were actually (not just posturing) considering taking him #1. I could see it. Great character guy, he'll have a very long career because he doesn't need athleticism to contribute. If he can be paired with a PG like IT, he's going to be ruthless.
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