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Default Re: Zeller to Cleveland for 24th, 33rd,34th

Originally Posted by LBJMVP
we could have had drummond, perry jones, quincy miller and doron lamb!

we could had beal and and quincy miller!

barnes, perry jones, doron lamb!!!!

tyler zeller??? what the f*ck man.
Name guys aren't always the way to go. There is a reason PJ3 dropped almost completely out of the first round. The Cavs weren't the only team to pass on him more than once. Same goes for Quincy Miller and Doron Lamb.

We couldn't have had Beal... Not sure where that is coming from. Who knows what we would have to lose to get him.

We'll see what kind of talent Waiters is. I honestly don't know enough about him to declare this an awful choice. The two guys I really wanted in this draft after Davis were Beal and MKG. Obviously, the opportunity to get one of them just wasn't there.

Barnes has never impressed me.

As for the Zeller trade, I thought it was a good one. Everyone knew full well we weren't bringing 3-4 rookies into camp. Trading 33 and 34 to move up several slots from 24? I can certainly live with that.

Zeller was the ACC Player of the Year and has a nice all-around game.

Don't have a problem at all with this trade. Waiters? We'll see. He better pan out, because Grant's future with the franchise is going to depend on him developing into a No. 2 piece on a good team.
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