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Default Re: Upset alert! #1 UNC vs Davidson 61-61 5mins left

Originally Posted by statman32
I think they have a good chance to beat UCLA, NC State. I expect Curry to have a huge game at N.C State.

UCLA it depends on if Collison is back by then and what sort of shape he's in. No lies, the first Davidson game I've seen in a while[saw none last year], but it seems as if Curry is their lone go-to-guy, Collison should be able to slow him down and greatly lower his impact. Either way, Davidson can win all three of those games and will take 1 for sure in my opinion.

Btw...Davidson wont "upset" anyone in the tourney. I see them getting a top 7 seed.

I just meant the upset part for the people who really don't know much about Davidson's program or college in general.

Originally Posted by i seen hippos
MSU will beat UCLA on the 25th.

MSU will lose to UCLA in the tourney if that occurs ;).
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