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Default Re: At 22, has Durant surpassed McGrady career wise?

Originally Posted by edhemsoccer
And then Durant got mauled by Artest in the playoffs. None of Durant's playoffs can even touch some of Mcgrady's playoffs performances. 33.8 6.5 8.3 in the 2001 playoffs. 30.8 6.3 5.5 in the 2002 playoffs. 30.7 7.4 6.7 in the 2004 playoffs. Mcgrady will always have a better prime. If Durant can approach those numbers, then congrats for him.

McGrady was taking 31 shots per game to averaged 33.8 ppg. He took 123 shots in a 4 game series and was swept. The guy shot 41.5% and had a TS% of 48.3, worse than Durant's vs Artest last season.

LOL @ you
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