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Default Re: You can't win the MVP when you have a teammate that scores 37 in a quater or 57 total

To me....Currys team isnt even that good from an individual player aspect. People so often cant seem to see the difference between chemistry and individual talent. Its a good team...with some good players. Talent wise? Its all star teammate...and some high end role players who could be more on a bad team.

Klay is hardly exceptional as a #2. Hes not on any all time list of best second options. There have been teams he would be the 4th or 5th best player on. And I dont mean decades ago...I mean lately...I dont think we need to be acting like hes absurdly great for a #2.

Hes a very good second option.

I dont think hes the type of player we just disqualify teammates from major awards over.

Im not sure hes as good as Wade was in 2012. Better than Wade in 13 and 14...probably.

But hes not some epic number 2.
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