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Titles are overrated
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No superstar gets guarded literally one on one for an entire game. its a 5 on 5 game. When one guy has it the 4 guys who arent assigned to him dont just ignore him. Prince, Bowen, and so on have(by Kobes standards) shut Kobe down from time to time just like Tmac did to Dirk and say.....Cato has done to Duncan. The other team having help D ready doesnt mean the guy isnt guarded one on one. It means they are playing nba basketball not a game of 21.

Help D is just a part of the game. Either it can be said Bowen and so on guard Kobe one on one or that Tmac in 05 guarded Dirk one on one or we should just scrap the term and use something else. Long as there are 5 guys on each team there will be guys behind you to help should you get beat. Them not going to the other side of the court for the team to live or die based on keeping a guy in front of you just isnt gonna happen.
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