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Default Re: KG isn't mvp on Celtics

Originally Posted by Real Men Wear Green
There is no record "without Pierce" this year, and that's why, so far, he would be the Celts' MVP. In a normal Celtic victory, Garnett leads the team in rebounding, anchors the defense (with a lot of help inside from Perk), is the vocal leader, and is a close second-option for the offense. Pierce will play good d, will grab 5 rebounds, and function as the offense's focus. I'd rate Garnett as more important to an individual win. But that 10-game stretch, over which the Cs were a good 7-2, is a little over an eighth of the season so far, which is enough to overcome Garnett's slight edge in per game value. It's certainly no reason to blame Garnett, he didn't want to hurt his abdomen, but it happened.
hey, somebody made a good point in favor of pierce! we can always count on real men to actually put forth an argument.
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