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Default Re: "Kobe is more skilled than Jordan"

Originally Posted by eliteballer
and by virtue of his superior dribbling and range hes much more dynamic shooting off the dribble.

I can see that! I can see an argument being made about that. I notice you didn't say better or more efficient.

But to counter that, couldn't you argue that Jordan created more space with the least amount of movement than Kobe so there was no need for MJ to do more? Jordan would take something like one or two dribbles to create enough space for him to take a shot. Kobe size up players and take several dribbles before creating enough space.

While both players could adapt well to the defense, wouldn't the most skillful player off the dribble be the one that use the least amount of movement to create the space and hit the shot with a higher %? But you can argue it was due to the quickness Jordan had that Kobe lacked.
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