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Default Re: Top 10 Players AFTER the Jordan era

Originally Posted by White Chocolate
Payton had some fine seasons, but top 10 is a bit questionable. Top 20 without a doubt, probably even top 15, but I wouldn't quite say top 10. As far as Ben, 4 DPOY awards is pretty damn impressive. From 2000-01 through 2003-04, Ben averaged 7.6 PPG/13.5 RPG/3.0 BPG/1.6 SPG. He was a defensive beast, and definitely earned his awards. His 4 DPOY awards to me is more amazing than Nash's 2 MVPs.
If LeBron is top 10 (hell most have him in top 5) for being a three time All-Star ect, since MJ retired, the GP should be on the list for being a four time All-Star, multile All-D teams (something LBJ doesn't have).

I'm pretty sure Big Ben would trade in his 4 DPOYs for 2 MVPs.
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